We manufacture our own squares and laminations from FAS & better kiln-dried rough lumber, permitting size, orientation and technique variations for optimal turning requirements.

We can manufacture posts from 2” to 16” diameters, with no height restrictions.

All posts can be designed for hand rail to either run over or run into.

Posts are designed to precisely match your baluster selection in perfect proportion.

Our box newels are completely solid, employing a poplar core wrapped with the face grain of a specified species.

All posts can be turned in any species.

Etching and carving of posts is available.

Exterior posts are specially constructed using marine-grade adhesives with Genuine Mahogany or Spanish Cedar.

Exterior box newels are hollow, designed to be loosely fitted over pre-installed solid cores.

Our stock newels are available in 3-1/4” diameter in Red Oak, along with their respective matching stock baluster. A full array of starting, landing, turn out, and volute posts are available. All stock patterns can be manufactured in any species, including paint grade and primed balusters.

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