Your eyes are drawn to the balusters of a staircase first. Posts and handrail compliment the baluster.

The "usual" size of balusters are 1-1/4" and 1-3/4". We produce balusters in any incremental size from 3/4" - 14"

Larger sizes (2" - 3") allow for more detail and form.

Center-turned balusters require a larger handrail for the top block of the baluster to fit under.

Alternating a profile or species between balusters creates the ultimate in customization.

Three balusters per tread is an especially elegant touch for stairs with deeper runs.

Our rake balusters are designed so that the changes in turning length match the rise and run perfectly, creating a seamless visual line.

Shaker style balusters often match post modern styles in their simplicity.

Choose balusters first. We design your newel post to perfectly match your baluster.

Our exterior balusters are typically made from Genuine Mahogany or Spanish Cedar.

Any baluster can be adorned with fluting, twisting, roping, or reeding.

All balusters can be produced in any wood species.

Any profile is available as an exterior product.

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